When the weather becomes frigid, homeowners will do just about anything to keep their homes comfortable and toasty. There are numerous home heating tips floating around the internet that appear to make sense in the most basic sense, however, some of these so-called “tips” are actually myths and may increase monthly heating costs.

We’ve gathered some of the most popular myths being followed. We understand how expensive home heating can be, and we don’t blame you for wanting to save a buck where you can. It’s important to always be vigilant about which sources you follow, because thanks to the internet, there are too many people who claim to be experts in a field but have little formal education.

1. Programmable Thermostats Will Automatically Save You Money

Programmable thermostats are sometimes touted as an energy-efficient product that once installed, never has to be adjusted again. However, the latter isn’t quite true. If you’ve installed a programmable thermostat but haven’t adjusted the control settings since installation, you might be wondering why the savings aren’t adding up.

The truth is, to save money, you need to properly program it to heat and cool your home at the right times. Check out House Logic’s “How to Use a Programmable Thermostat to See Real Savings.”

2. Cranking Up the Thermostat Will Heat Your Home Faster

With the advancement of technology has come speed – and impatience. When we set our minds to something, we need to see immediate change. However, this doesn’t translate well into the home heating world. Simply cranking the thermostat will not heat your home faster. You will, however, see a high energy bill for the month.

Your furnace will deliver heat at the same rate no matter the temperature setting.  So, the best practice is to simply set your desired temperature and wait.

3. Ceiling Fans Are Only Good for Summer

In the summer time, most homeowners flip on their ceiling fan after being outside in the heat. It’s a quick way to cool off. However, many homeowners don’t realize that their ceiling fans can also be used for home heating!

Yep – you read that right. Ceiling fans are en energy-efficient way to help keep your home warm. Simply flip the switch on the ceiling fan to spin in a clockwise direction so that it will force down the warm air that has risen to ceiling.

4. Closing Off Vents & Registers Will Save You Money

Your forced air heating system requires balance to function properly. By closing off vents and registers, you will throw off the balance of your system, forcing it to work harder to try to restore the balance. When your system has to work harder than it should, it could lead to either a breakdown or premature failure, not to mention a higher energy bill.

It seems like it would make sense to close off vents and registers in rooms that aren’t being used. However, now you know how dangerous that actually is.

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