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Oklahoma City Air Conditioning Installation

For most homeowners, buying a new HVAC system is a once in a lifetime event. These systems are designed to last, and for good reason. They have to put up with the intense humidity and heat of our Louisiana summers! When you do need to buy a new system, it’s important to have it installed correctly. Otherwise, you could forfeit your warranty claims and pay sky-high energy bills.

The installation of your system is the most important day of its life. An improperly installed system can leave you with high energy costs, a lower lifespan for the overall system, and an improperly cooled home. If your system isn’t sized and connected properly, your system can suffer from:

  • Back-flow pressure
  • Hot and cold spots
  • Increased system stress
  • Decreased efficiency
  • Safety hazards

Sizing Your Air Conditioner

One of the most important factors of selecting your new HVAC system is proper sizing of the unit. It’s important to realize that bigger is not always better when it comes to cooling your home.

It’s commonly assumed that a larger or more powerful HVAC system is simply better at keeping your home cooler. But, just as a unit that’s too small has to run constantly to keep your home cool, an oversized unit will cycle too often. HVAC systems use a great deal of energy when they start up, and constantly cycling on and off can use more energy than a carefully metered use.

Since every home is unique, properly sizing an HVAC unit to your home can be difficult. Hiring a professional team to size your home and match the right output system for your home’s size is the most sure-fire way to get the most out of your energy-efficient system. You can trust the experts at Instate Heating and Cooling to help you find the best solution available to match your needs and expenses.

If your current air conditioner doesn’t seem to be keeping up, or keeps breaking down with alarming regularity, maybe it’s time for a change.

Comfort System Installation & Replacement Services

Has your HVAC system hit the end of the road? It can sometimes be a difficult process to decide whether or not full system replacement is necessary for your home.

Installations and replacements can often be expensive, especially when working with the wrong company, which is why it’s important to know all of your options. Look to the Interstate team to help you work through any questions or concerns, and together we’ll come up the best solution and financing for any project.

If you are considering replacing your heating and cooling system, here are a few factors to think about:

Air Flow. With age, your HVAC system will become less efficient. Airflow can become irregular, or only flow through certain areas of your home. With inefficient airflow comes a higher energy bill. Proper airflow goes hand in hand with cleaner indoor air quality. A well-performing unit is not just about comfort, but also about your family’s health. Save money and frustration by asking the Interstate team about your replacement options.

Value. Why spend more money on equipment that works less effectively? Your HVAC system should always be at peak performance. A new system will guarantee a reduction of costly repairs and surprise hikes in your energy bills. And with that extra money, the possibilities for family fun are endless! The Interstate team is ready to discuss our best solutions.

“The Most Trusted Road to Comfort”

Having to replace an old, inefficient HVAC system is not a homeowner’s idea of a good time. It is often a large investment, and should hopefully only need to be done once in a lifetime. It pays to take your time and be well informed about the process. Unfortunately, there are more and more HVAC companies in it for the quick dollar rather than serving with professionalism and ethics.

Our business model is to focus solely on the customer; together we’ll come up with a solution that works best for you and your home. The decision-making process is made easy because you can trust that we’re not using sales tricks. Interstate was founded by a former service technician to change the industry, and we know a thing or two about HVAC!

Interstate technicians will take the time to understand your situation to better provide the most valuable advice and viable solutions, always keeping in mind energy-efficiency and affordability. We stick to the true meaning of 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed; if you’re not happy, you don’t pay a dime! That’s why our motto is, “The Most Trusted Road to Comfort.”

Call us today for information in full system replacements and financing: (405) 794-8900