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Your Heating and Cooling System Needs TLC Too!

Consistent HVAC maintenance is the only way to ensure an energy-efficient heating and cooling system. Have you faced several expensive repairs this year? Does the airflow in your home seem spotty and inconsistent? Do your monthly energy bills continue to rise with no clear reason?

Call Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning today, because we have the answer to all of your HVAC maintenance needs and concerns. We do a full cleaning and inspection of your system, making sure that drains are clear, coils are cleaned, and insulation and ventilation are working properly. HVAC emergencies are preventable, but it begins with bi-annual upkeep.

We recommend scheduling HVAC maintenance before every heating and cooling season. Don’t wait until the hottest day of the summer to call for maintenance. In fact, we make it really easy to remember and keep your HVAC system running at optimum efficiency!

We know monthly bills can be daunting, and our busy schedules do not allow for yet another thing to remember. If you join the Interstate Maintenance Club, you’ll be fully covered year round, with monthly auto-pay and annual renewal. As part of the Club, twice a year, you will receive a FREE precision tune-up. We guarantee to keep your system running at its best!

Don’t wait for an emergency! The key to a heating and cooling system that lasts is regularly scheduled maintenance and tune-ups.

A happy, healthy HVAC system offers these benefits:

  • A system that lives up to its warranty
  • Reduced chance of costly repairs and total system failures
  • Energy-efficiency that protects your home and environment
  • Lasting comfort without concern
  • Efficient airflow throughout every room in your home
  • Affordable energy bills that never rise without explanation

Regular AC maintenance helps improve overall energy consumption, system lifespans, and indoor air quality. If you are not scheduling air conditioning tune-ups every year (before the cooling season begins), you are most likely paying way more than you should on your utility bills. At Interstate, we recommend conducting maintenance on your HVAC system twice a year, once before winter, and once every spring, before you start running your system for the first time each year.

Stop worrying about the future performance of your HVAC system! Join Interstate’s Maintenance Club, or simply call for a free estimate on regular maintenance and tune-ups. Don’t wait until it’s too late to give your system the TLC it needs and deserves.

Maintenance has never been easier! Call Interstate today: (405) 794-8900