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Oklahoma City’s Trusted Installation Experts

Are you in the market for a new heating system? Has your furnace or heat pump finally decided to give up? If your heating system is 10 years or older, then it is probably time to replace it. Interstate Heating and Cooling in Oklahoma City can help you install a new furnace or heat pump both quickly and efficiently. We can also help you choose the right one for your home with a large inventory of popular units.

Our trusted installation experts are licensed, bonded and insured – and have the experience and the technology to install all makes and models of furnaces and heat pumps. Our trusted team provides red-carpet service every time they enter your home. This means that they will clean the work area after an installation is completed and won’t leave until you are completely satisfied.

Efficiency Ratings – AFUE

Every gas and oil furnace on the market is designated with an efficiency rating by the Federal Trade Commission. Their rating, called the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), can be a helpful tool when reviewing the various units available. When shopping for the best furnace for your needs, the AFUE is where you should begin. An 80% AFUE furnace converts 80% of the fuel into heat for your home, with the remaining 20% of fuel lost out your chimney or ventilation. If your AFUE rating is below 80%, you might want to consider a new furnace.

According to AFUE numbers, most new gas furnaces have a rating between 89% and 98%. Their oil counterparts rate a bit lower with an average between 80% and 90%. AFUE ratings go down as your heating system grows older.

The efficiency rating for all heat pumps (and air conditioners) is referred to as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). As with the AFUE ratings, the higher the SEER number, the greater the efficiency (and the more energy savings). The government requires a minimum rating of 13.0, but some older designs may be operating with a number as low as 8.0. If you have an older heat pump (at least 10 years), you could be wasting quite a bit of energy, and paying unnecessarily high utility bills.

Signs You Might Need a New Furnace

How do you know if you need to replace your current furnace? Our furnace technicians have offered up a few warning signs. Does anything on this list sound familiar? If so, you might want to call us for a complete assessment.

  • Does your furnace need frequent repairs?
  • Is it 10 years or older?
  • Is there a drop in air quality when your heater is on?
  • Have you noticed a spike in your utility bill?
  • Is your household experiencing allergies or breathing problems inside the home?
  • Does it take longer to heat your home?
  • Is your AFUE rating below 80%?
  • Is your SEER rating below 13.0?

Signs You Need a Heat Pump Replacement

The average life span for a heat pump is 10 to 15 years. However, any unit older than 10 years should be assessed if you are having problems. If you notice changes in your comfort level or any of the warning signs below, give us a call.

  • Is it making more noise when running?
  • Are you dealing with humidity problems?
  • Has there been a spike in your utility bill?
  • Does your heat pump need frequent repairs?
  • Is it freezing up?

If you are experiencing problems with your heating system, don’t continue to compromise on comfort. Contact Intersate today and we’ll send out a technician to assess the problem. If you do need a new furnace or heater, we will be happy to go over all of your options.

Call Intersate Heating and Air at 405-794-8900 for all of your heating system installation needs in Oklahoma City!