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UV Lamps Leave Germs Blinded by the Light

Worried about unseen microbes hanging out in your home’s air? Give your home bacteria-free air by calling Interstate Heating and Air to install a germicidal UV lamp on your Oklahoma City area home’s HVAC system.

UV light purifiers have been shown to effectively eliminate up to 90% of microorganisms like fungi, viruses and germs as well as bacteria and mold. The devices work by purifying air as it passes through the HVAC system. A UV light eradicates these particles by destroying their genetic makeup, disinfecting and oxidizing the air before it cycles back into the home.

Interstate Heating & Air can answer any questions you may have on HVAC UV light purifiers. We have been installing air purification systems for almost 20 years and can knowledgeably advise you on the right type for your home. Contact us online to schedule a consultation today!

If you suffer from allergies or have health conditions, or just want to improve the quality of the air inside your home, you may want to consider a UV light for your air conditioner. UV lights effectively kill up to 90% of the microorganisms that pass through the system. UV lights also keep your system clean and efficient, warding off repairs and extending the lifespan of the unit.

Interstate has been providing expert indoor air quality solutions to our customers for almost 20 years. For more information on UV lights, contact us online and one of our knowledgeable team members will be in touch.

To have a UV light professionally installed in your HVAC will cost on average between $400 – $700. The cost will vary depending on the type of light and the features of the UV system. It is recommended that UV lights are installed by professionals. If not installed properly, harm could be caused to the HVAC system or the UV light might not function well.

For a free consultation on installing a UV light in your HVAC, please contact us online and one of our highly trained technicians will be in touch. Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning will run a diagnostic test on the quality of your air, then consult with you on our findings to determine what purification method would be most effective for your home. We look forward to working with you!

A UV light air purifier is designed to kill mold and germs as they pass through the air in your HVAC system’s air ducts. UV light air purifiers use ultraviolet lights to break down the genetic material of bacteria and viruses. When installed properly, a UV light is able to reduce bacteria by 97% or more. Getting a UV light air purifier installed is also a great way to improve the overall indoor air quality in your home. To find out more about getting a UV light air purifier installed, contact us today

You do not need a UV light for your air conditioner or furnace. However, it is recommended that you get a UV light for your air conditioner or furnace if

  • You experience allergic reactions frequently. 
  • You want to improve the air quality in your home. 
  • You want to have additional protection from viruses in your indoor air. 

Having a UV light installed in your HVAC system is very helpful in reducing bacteria, mold and odors from your indoor air. To learn more about getting a UV light air purifier installed in your air conditioner or furnace, give us a call today.  

A UV light for an HVAC system typically costs around $450-$800. The price can vary depending on: 

  • The type of UV light air purifier you want. 
  • How accessible your ductwork is. 
  • The cost to install the UV light air purifier.

Although it can be a bit expensive to have a UV light air purifier professionally installed in your HVAC system, it is very worthwhile to have it done by an experienced HVAC contractor. An HVAC contractor will be able to ensure that your UV light is installed properly to provide the best air purifying results. To get a UV light installed in your HVAC unit, call us today

What is an HVAC Ultraviolet Light?

HVAC UV lights have two main functions: destroying bacteria and oxidizing the air, making it cleaner and fresher.

By harnessing the same invisible energy that comes from the sun, a UV light with your HVAC system safely reduces the potential for harmful pollutants in your home. Your air is not only cleaner and fresher, but the inside of your HVAC system is clean as well. It works by zapping any harmful bacteria that passes by in your air ducts while your heat or AC is blowing.

How Does This Advanced System Benefit You?

  • Eliminates Microorganisms — This includes fungi, viruses, germs and other bacteria.

  • Destroys Mold — UV rays kill any existing mold, and no new mold or bacteria can form in this sterile environment.

  • Saves Money — This system helps increase the life of your system.

If you feel like you’ve exhausted your repair options, Interstate will can help you decide if replacement is the next step you should take. Our experienced, highly trained and certified technicians make recommendations based on what’s best for your home, not what’s best for us. With Interstate, your complete satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Interstate is the Right Choice for Ultraviolet Lighting Systems

  • Satisfaction Guarantee — Customers love our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we mess it up, we’ll make it right. And with us, overtime fees are never part of your service.

  • Professionalism — Our certified technicians carry the technician seal of safety. That means no member of our staff goes without a drug test, a background check and professional training.

  • Quality — Interstate’s BBB rating is an A+, a result of the dedication put into the company by the founder, a former HVAC technician with a vision to properly provide OKC’s HVAC needs.

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