A perfect Oklahoma summer means lots of outdoor fun with the kids and family dog! But sometimes the heat can be overwhelming. Many of us forget that like most humans, our pets can get dehydrated in the unforgiving heat. Keep your pets cool in the summer heat with our latest list of summer tips!

5 Tips to  Keep Your Pets Cool in the Summer

  1. Play in the Cooler Hours of the Day

Playing outside during the blazing hot summers in Oklahoma is an easy way to cause heat exhaustion for your pet. The best time to head outdoors with your dog is in the early morning and late evening.  Although your pet may enjoy being outside, it is important to keep your pets inside on those extremely hot days to avoid dehydration or a possible heatstroke. That sizzling summer asphalt can also be hard on your pup’s sensitive paws. Imagine how hot it is when you step on the pavement with your bare feet. If it is hot for you, it is also hot for your dog! If your pet has a shorter coat, give them some extra TLC and keep them away from direct sunlight. This will help them avoid getting sunburned while outside.

  1. Hydration is Key

Along with overheating during the summer comes dehydration. Make sure your pet has plenty of clean and fresh water available. Vitamin water is also a great option following your pup’s visit outside. These not only taste great for pets, but also help replenish those lost electrolytes.

  1. Leave Your Pup at Home

We all love the opportunity to drag our furry bffs along with us in the car to run a few errands, but this may be something you should opt out of during the summer. On a sweltering day, temperatures in a car can climb upwards of 100 degrees. Although your pet may love those car rides, the better option would be to keep them safe and cool at home. You don’t want them to have to experience respiratory distress due to excess panting.

  1. Cool Off with Water Games

Nothing beats cooling off in some refreshingly crisp water throughout the summer. As the temperatures continue to soar, incorporate some water games to keep your pets cool during your playtime visits outdoors. Turn on the sprinklers and let your pet play away! You can also fill up a small plastic kiddie pool and let your pup splash around or lounge in the water. It is great for your pet and allows you to get some adorable photo ops! If your home has a pool, make sure your dog knows how to safely swim before letting them enter.

  1. Know the signs of heatstroke in pets.

Knowing the signs of heat exhaustion in your dog is key to preventing a potential disaster. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Dehydration
  • Heavy Panting
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Disoriented State

If you think your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms, you should move into a cool air-conditioned space immediately. Cool their bodies off by applying an ice pack to their head, neck or chest. If they are experiencing more severe symptoms, take them to the nearest vet or emergency animal clinic.

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