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Choosing the right money-saving, energy-efficient HVAC system for your Oklahoma City area home can be tough. That’s why Interstate Heating and Air provides a wide range of heat pump services. Unlike other area companies, we aren’t affiliated with any one manufacturer, so we can offer you more heat pump options from which to choose.

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Heat Pump Facts

  • Heat pumps are considered to use the least amount of energy among heating/cooling system, making it one of the most cost-effective available.

  • Heat pumps are especially efficient in mild winters like ours.

  • Because they are smaller in size, heat pumps save space in attics and basements.

  • The low energy consumption makes heat pumps environmentally friendly.

Heat Pumps Pack a Lot of Power in a Small Package

As an electric-powered do-it-all system, heat pumps perform the jobs usually performed by furnaces and air conditioners. As such, they come in many different styles.

  • Air-sourced — the most common type

  • Absorption — the newest type, also called gas-fired

  • Geothermal

Interstate is a Trusted Heat Pump Installer

As an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau, Interstate is a trusted source for all your heat pump needs. Our certified technicians are friendly and reliable. We carry the technician seal of safety and perform detailed analysis of your home’s heating and cooling profile to make sure you have the right heat pump to efficiently keep your home’s climate controlled.

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