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Want to make your home as energy-efficient as possible, but don’t know where to start? Along with expert HVAC installation and repair, Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning also offers an array of home energy-saving tips.

  • Check and/or change your air filter every 30 days. Write the date on the air filter so you know how long it’s been in use. Interstate video
  • Tune up your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system every year.
  • Shade air conditioning units with trees and shrubs, but do not block airflow.
  • Set thermostat as high as possible in summer and as low as possible in winter and don’t run your HVAC system when no one is at home.
  • Insulation is your home’s blanket. Talk with a professional about increasing your home insulation and ventilation.
  • Keep your equipment and air ducts clean.
  • In the summer, close window shades to reduce the amount of solar heat transfer. In the winter, take as much advantage of the sun’s free heat as you can.
  • Find air leaks around air ducts, windows, and doors and seal them with mastic sealant, caulk, and weatherstripping.
  • Make sure thermostat is working properly and keep it away from heat sources such as sunlight, lamps, candles, and appliances.

Check if all doors and windows are closed before running your heating or cooling.

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