Summers in Oklahoma only seem to get hotter. While this hot and humid weather can directly affect our health and comfort, our pets are even more impacted by the intense heat. Dogs in particular feel the effects of the weather, as they need to be outside for exercise and bathroom breaks at least a couple of times a day. A doggie door is a fine solution for residences that are equipped for them, but not all houses are built the same. Many dog owners are unable to install a doggie door for a myriad of reasons – and what happens if they have no choice but to leave their dog outside for the majority of the day?

Some leave garages or sheds open, many buy dog houses or create shelters for their dogs to retreat from the summer sun. Dog houses are a great way to keep pets safe from the elements when they can’t be inside the home, but the intense heat can often make the confined space unbearable. A small enclosure in the hot, humid “dog days” of an Oklahoma summer is often worse than having no shelter at all.

Keep Pets Safe in the Heat

Dogs that are left outside on a hot day can become overheated and are subject to hyperthermia. Dogs can’t sweat like humans, which is why they pant heavily when overheated to cool down. According to the American Kennel Club, a dog’s internal temperature is generally around 101 to 1.2.5 degrees Fahrenheit. If their temperature rises past 105 degrees (which can happen easily on a hot day), they can suffer from heat exhaustion and experience nausea, dizziness and worse. If their internal temperature rises past 107 degrees they can experience heat stroke, which can lead to unconsciousness and sometimes death. There are several things that you can do to ensure your dog doesn’t fall victim to the heat – and one of them is a climate controlled solution.

Climate Control For Pets

While some might feel that an air conditioned dog house is an extreme and overindulgent solution, there are several reasons to look into providing one. Interstate Heating and Air Conditioning believes that certain circumstances necessitate a forced air addition to a dog house – and we’ve listed the most compelling:

  • Dog Health – As we’ve stated, a dog’s health can be greatly compromised in the Oklahoma heat, especially if the owner has no alternative but to keep it outside. A climate controlled dog house will ensure your dog (or dogs) keep a healthy temperature and stay hydrated.
  • Convenience – A climate controlled dog house will allow you to be away from your residence for an extended period of time. You won’t have to come home during your lunch hour or ask a neighbor to give your dog an “inside break.”
  • No Guilt – Dog owners who are forced to keep their dogs locked up inside the home during the day, either in a cage or stuck in a room, will no longer have to feel guilty about leaving them confined for hours.
  • Psychological Well-Being – A happy dog won’t resort to tearing up the yard or destroying property. A dog with a climate controlled dog house can get as much exercise as it needs and then rest contentedly inside a cool retreat. It will also mean that your dog will be less agitated when you return home, so you can enjoy the company of your pet without having to go out into the hot day again.
  • Economical – Believe it or not, there are actually air conditioning units on the market specifically made for dog houses. Several of these units are relatively inexpensive (online the prices begin at $29.99), while air conditioner/heater combos run a bit higher.
  • Year-Round Comfort – Some portable air conditioners double as heaters. Oklahoma winters can be just as brutal as summers and a heating element will ensure that your dog is comfortable throughout the year.

While a dog house air conditioner is not an ideal solution for everyone, many Oklahoma dog owners with unique circumstances will find it to be a great method for keeping your dog both happy and healthy.

Dog House Air Conditioning Ideas

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