A Humidifier Can Improve Your Health

With the weather acting so erratic these days, it’s hard to tell whether you’re going to need your furnace or your air conditioner, not to mention, your health may be in poor condition because of the dry air. It also doesn’t help that your furnace strips any remaining moisture in the air, causing your home to feel just as arid as it does outside. You can, however, combat the dry air with a humidifier!

You can add moisture to your home with either a small portable unit, however, we highly recommend a whole-house humidifier, which connects to your furnace. The difference between a portable unit and a whole-house humidifier is that the latter delivers warm, moist air to every room in your house, while a portable unit delivers the same type of air to whichever room the unit is located in.

Enjoy TheseĀ  Benefits When You Use a Humidifier

1. Prevent Dry Skin

A common problem that arises with dry air is chapped lips, dry and itchy skin, and sinus issues. You can help prevent these annoyances – and breathe easier – with a humidifier. To prevent mold and bacteria growth in portable units, remember to clean them frequently.

2. Enjoy Better Sleep

If you or your partner snore, a humidifier may help. When your throat and mouth are dry, you’re more apt to snore. A moist room will increase comfort levels, helping you get a better night’s sleep.

3. Reduce Allergies

When it comes to humidifiers, it’s important to get just the right amount of moist air. If your air is too moist, it could spur mold and bacteria growth. When there is too little humidity in the air, your sinuses may become irritated. We recommend installing a whole-house humidifier as this system has a built-in humidstat, which allows you to achieve the perfect level of humidity.

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