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If your air conditioner is malfunctioning in the Oklahoma City area, turn to the air conditioning repair experts at Interstate Heating and Air. As a residential remodel company, you will get a professional service visit that you can trust, because we have built our business on repairing and maintaining AC equipment at optimal performance. For extra peace of mind, know that work we do comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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When your air conditioner freezes up it could be due to a number of different reasons, including:

  • There is not enough air flow across the evaporator coil, causing the freon that should be removing heat from your home to freeze your unit instead.
  • The unit is low on refrigerant, causing the evaporator coil’s temperature to drop and ultimately freeze the moisture in the air.
  • A mechanical failure of one of the components in your unit, such as a blower fan or a kink in the refrigerant lines, causing the unit to freeze.

If your unit keeps freezing up, we can help. Interstate offers complete repair services for your system completed by our licensed and trained technicians. We will accurately diagnose the problem and offer affordable repair options. Contact us online to schedule a consultation!

If your evaporator coil is not working properly, you might be able to tell from a few signs, including:

  • Warm air blowing through the vents.
  • Unusual sounds coming from the AC.
  • The unit will not turn on, or cycles frequently without cooling.

When the air conditioner is not working it can cause a real headache. For reliable, hassle-free affordable repair service, call Interstate today. Our certified technicians will get your home back to feeling cool and comfortable in no time. Contact us online and one of our knowledgeable team members will be in touch shortly!

To replace an AC evaporator coil will cost between $600 – $2,000 on average. The part itself is about 60% of the bill while the labor to install is the other 40%. The price is primarily affected by the brand and quality of the coil.

Average Cost: $1,000
Typical Range: $600 – $2,000

If you have questions on evaporator coils and their costs, please contact us online and one of our highly trained technicians will be in touch.

Modern AC units are complex machines, and can break down for a number of reasons. Some of the most common air conditioning problems we see include:

  • Circuit breaker or fuse malfunction — This is something you may want to check for yourself before you even call our experts.

  • Refrigerant leak — This is an issue you need to have a licensed technician to inspect and repair. These chemicals can be health and environmental hazards.

  • Damage to fan blades, compressor or electrical connections — These are problems that can be avoided with annual maintenance.

  • Frozen coil — This is an issue usually caused by poor air flow from dirty filters or ducts.

  • Faulty thermostat — A bad thermostat can cause your air conditioner to run too much, too little, or not all.

A Breakdown isn’t the Only Reason to Call

There are other AC signs that are a cause for concern other than a complete breakdown. If you notice a sudden spike in your utility bill during the summer, higher than usual indoor humidity, uneven cooling or low air flow, you need to schedule a professional inspection.

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  • Knowledgeable — We service all types and brands of cooling units.

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  • Dedicated — We dedicate ourselves to your complete satisfaction by standing behind our motto, “If we mess up, we’ll make it right.”

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