Activities for Father's Day Weekend

Father’s Day is fast approaching, which means it’s almost time to show some appreciation to “the old man.” Honoring your father commonly involves gifts, cards, and participating in some dad-centric events. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the best way to spend Father’s Day. Dads can be hard to please. We at Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning enjoy celebrating our dads – and have come up with some of our favorite ways to show our respect and admiration. A father’s job is to raise, support and guide his children. Today, our staff is offering some guidance as well with these tried-and-true events. We want to offer guidance as well, and have provided some fun activities for father’s day weekend for you and your dad can do at home or around the city.

Have a Father’s Day Cookout

  • If there is something every father loves, it’s grilling. Celebrate Father’s Day by gathering the family to sit outside, enjoy some food, and share some laughs.
  • Is your dad a grill-master? Buy him a grill set and put him to work! Line up the racks with his favorite meat and let him do his magic!
  • If you want to get creative, find some matching funny aprons and have the whole family wear them. Bonus points for using the same design to decorate the house.

Take Him to a Golf Course

  • Whether it’s an 18-hole course or a driving range, your dad is always ready to pull out the old clubs. Surprise your dad by spending the day with him playing golf at his favorite course.
  • Golfing is a unique sport; it is relaxing and meditative along with being athletic and competitive. If your dad doesn’t have a course membership, consider getting together with the family and buying one for him.
  • Golf with dad for a day. This will give you both some pleasant one-on-one time, leading to interesting and thoughtful discussions about whatever you please.

Build Something Together

  • Whether it’s building a family or deck, your dad loves to put things together. DIY projects are a great way to spend time building with your dad; while learning some wisdom from the old man.
  • Put together a model airplane or car – a fun retro project that would keep you and dad occupied for several hours.
  • Mend that broken fence for mom or whatever home repair project that the family has been putting off.

Give Him Some Alone Time

  • After all his hard work and dedication, sometimes dad just wants to sleep. A set of ear plugs and a memory foam pillow will complement each other nicely.
  • Order some take-out food, fluff up the pillows, turn on a game, and just let your dad rest.

We at Interstate value our fathers and their important contribution to our lives. Celebrate and honor your dad with these fun activities! You can also help your dad relax by making sure his heating and air conditioning is functioning properly.

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