Is it really worth buying an annual maintenance plan for your HVAC?

This is a question that Oklahoma homeowners have been asking their service technicians for years. Why should someone worry about maintenance when they’ve just purchased a new unit? Or if they rarely have any problems with their older model, why care about scheduling an annual service?

There are several important reasons for preventative maintenance including better energy efficiency, comfort control and lower utility bills. Ensuring that your HVAC is running at optimum efficiency will also ensure a long life for the unit.

We’ve compiled a list of the most important reasons for preventative maintenance. (This doesn’t include DIY care which is also helpful and can be performed in addition to professional service.)

  • Increased Efficiency – A modern HVAC unit can save a household between 10% – 40% in energy and cost savings. The new high-performance models are light years ahead of similar designs just a decade ago – and far more efficient and dependable. Ensuring that they continue to run at optimum performance with an annual service inspection simply makes good sense.
  • Better Comfort Control – Keeping your whole-house system running at full capacity ensures better comfort control when you need it the most. There are times during the year when your HVAC unit isn’t running at all.
  • Improved Air Quality – As great as the new HVAC units run, they are still impacted by daily use and will eventually need cleaning. Dirty coils and blower parts can build up mold spores, bacteria and pollen which can directly affect the health of your household. Annual maintenance can help reduce the contaminants in your air stream and keep your household happy and healthy.



  • Lower Utility Bills – Annual maintenance on your HVAC will help ensure that it keeps running at a high capacity. This will help keep your utility bills at a reasonable level. Whole-house systems that continue to run without basic maintenance can take longer to heat or cool a home. This puts a drain on the system and runs up your monthly bill.
  • Decreased Repairs – Checking your system on a regular basis means that small problems can be taken care of before they become larger ones. Proactive maintenance can help keep costly repairs down by as much as 95%. Though it’s impossible to avoid all repair situations, keeping them contained can save you quite a bit of money on the long run.
  • Extension of System Life – Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system will enjoy a longer life when it’s given regular maintenance checks. Machinery that is clogged with dirt and grime has to work much harder to function. This drain on the system will not only raise your monthly bill, but it will greatly impact (and shorten) the lifespan of your unit.

Keeping your HVAC system running at optimum efficiency is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Ultimately, a preventive care plan can save you time and a lot of money – it can also ensure a healthy and comfortable home. If you’d like more information on how we can help with your annual HVAC maintenance, call us today!

The Official Energy Star Checklist for HVAC Maintenance 


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