Have you scheduled your furnace tune-up yet?

Fall is just a few short weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped some of you from celebrating early by drinking your first Starbucks PSL of the season. If pumpkin spice lattes aren’t exactly your thing, celebrate the cooler weather by scheduling your fall furnace tune-up!

You might be asking: What’s all the hype about having your furnace checked out? Do I really need to have it serviced annually? Well, today we’re going to answer just that. You wouldn’t drive your car 5,000 miles without changing the oil, would you? If you decided to forgo changing your car’s oil, it most certainly wouldn’t function properly. Much like your car, your furnace needs annual TLC so that it can provide you with the warmth you need. We’ve compiled four very important reasons as to why you’ll want to schedule your fall furnace tune-up.

Reduce frequent breakdowns

OKC winters can be brutal, and the last thing you want is for your furnace to break down during harsh weather conditions. If this does happen, depending on the severity of the weather, you and your family could be in danger. A furnace that doesn’t undergo annual service is much more likely to experience hiccups or complete breakdowns during the winter.

In fact, some experts have said that 75 percent of calls during the winter are due to lack of maintenance. Ensure your peace of mind and save money with an annual tune-up. A licensed technician will be able to spot any current issues your furnace is facing as well as any potential problems. The amount of money you pay to have your furnace serviced is just a fraction of what frequent repairs down the road will cost.

Extend the life of your system

When you take care of the things you own, they last longer. It’s simple logic. Most premature failed HVAC systems are due to lack of maintenance. When you forgo maintenance, your system will experience a buildup of dirt and debris. When this happens, your system will no longer be able to function at the speed it used to. If you’ve ever been overworked you would know that eventually, it’ll either take you a long time to complete the task at hand or you just can’t go any further. This is what happens to your furnace system. After having to work so hard day after day, it’s eventually spent and can no longer go any further. A happy, healthy system that undergoes routine maintenance will last you for 25 to 40 percent longer.

Lower energy costs

Since your heating and cooling equipment account for nearly half of your energy costs, it’s important that your system work efficiently. When your heating system has to work harder to provide you with the level of comfort you need, it’s going to require more energy, which also means more money. Dirty air filters and coils, a lack of lubricant on parts, and a fraying belt are all reasons your furnace isn’t functioning properly.  When your system is operating at peak efficiency, however, that translates into savings. And we know that’s what you really want!

Ensure your warranty stays in effect

Most manufacturers require the homeowner to perform regular maintenance on their heating  system to ensure their warranty stays in effect. This crucial task should be performed by a licensed professional. If you forgo maintaining your system, you may have to forfeit your warranty, which could really harm you down the road.

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