Scorching hot days are the norm during an Oklahoma summer. The southern heat demands your home should have a working A/C unit, but does the outdoor condenser fit in with your home aesthetically? Bulky condensers can ruin your home’s appearance. To those who want their yard to look more appealing, this can be an obstacle. However, Interstate sees an opportunity for decoration. Hiding that unsightly air conditioner condenser is easier thank you think.

We have gathered some tips to hide the unit and improve the visual representation of your home. Remember when concealing an A/C unit you must give it enough area for adequate airflow distribution. This means choosing material that is thin, has gaps, and doesn’t completely cover your unit.

With that said, below are 3 ways to beautify the A/C unit in your yard.

Build a Matching Fence

A great way to conceal your A/C is to construct a matching fence around the unit. This keeps continuity with the rest of the fence around your home, along with concealing the unit. You can create the fence yourself, or buy some premade walls from the local home improvement store, giving you endless possibilities for design. Contrasting colors can add dimension and flair while a more neutral palette will help disguise it entirely. Lattices provide excellent room for condenser airflow, and we recommend this design choice when building a fence.

A Small Garden Disguise

Nature is the blanket of the Earth, why not let it cover your A/C? You can assemble a wall of trellises attached with storage bins around your unit for a makeshift garden. Add plants around the walls and in the bins. Of course, not all plants will thrive living so closely to a condenser, so finding suitable candidates for your garden is important. Plants such as vines, shrubs, and ferns can endure being near an A/C. Cactus also stands well in the unit’s vicinity, but the pokey spines may not be your preference.

Hide it with a House

Building a miniature house for your condenser can be a fun activity, especially if you get the family involved. This isn’t the kind of house with four walls and a door, but a basic frame with a removable roof to allow for easy maintenance. You can buy the wood from your local home improvement store, or cut up lattices to make the wall and roof. If you want to get really creative, make a gate for the “door” and accent the frame with painted windows and other images that define a home. Make sure to space the frame at least three feet from the condenser for proper airflow.

Don’t let a bulky condenser compromise the beauty of your home. Remember that before you add some panache to your unit, it must be working properly.

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